Lemon Laws - California Lemon Law

California lemon laws give the customer a process for recourse against manufacturers and sellers. In California, lemon laws cover anything mechanical, including a toaster, just like the federal lemon law. A lemon law attorney will answer your questions and offer legal advice on California lemon laws.

The item in question must be covered by a manufacturer's warranty to qualify for the lemon law. To qualify under the California Lemon Law, you must have a product that has gone through multiple repair attempts under the manufacturer’s factory warranty. Minor defects alone will not be sufficient cause to file for California Lemon Laws.

A California lemon law attorney will be able to advise you of your chances to win a lemon law case. As you do have rights in the state of California, you need to find out if you do indeed qualify for the lemon law relief. A great resource for researching California lemon laws can be found at the California Department Of Consumer Affairs Website.

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