Lemon Laws - Each State Has One

The states lemon laws allow buyers to recover costs and attorney's fees associated with them trying to get manufacturers to live up to their responsibilities. Lemon laws are an outline for the procedures that must be used to settle disputes between manufacturers and buyers. There are often many lemon law lawyers to choose from in any city.

Each state has it's own lemon law but they are all similar in that they provide for a refund or replacement should the manufacturer be at fault. The manufacturer is generally allowed several tries to repair the problem and if the problem cannot be fixed, they will then be required to give the buyer a refund or replacement.

Every state in the union has a lemon law now that protects buyers from unscrupulous manufacturers and dealers. The various lemon laws allow for the buyers to exchange the defective cars or boats for a new one. Once it has been established that the dealer will buy back the lemon, you may face another battle over the value of the car. Obviously, it is best to avoid buying that lemon in the first place.

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