Lemon Laws - Stand Up For Your Rights

Do you have a truck, car, SUV, boat, or any other consumer product that has had to be repaired multiple times? If you do you probably have a "lemon" and you might want to explore your state's lemon laws.

If you have had trouble with your purchase on multiple occaisions, don't let your machanic or manufacturer try to talk you out of what may be your legal rights. The lemon laws are there to protect you when you need them and all you have to do is understand them. You do have recourse even though you might think that you dont.

The lemon laws for each state will determine what your rights are but they are similar for all the states. For instance the California lemon law is similar to the New York lemon law. All you need to do is look up what the lemon laws are in your state.

If you stand up for your rights you will be protecting your purchase and you will begin the steps to getting rid of that lemon that you bought. You will also be helping out other customers who might have bought lemons from the same dealer. The lemon laws are there to protect you and to discourage the dealers from doing unsound business practices. Businesses who sell lemons to consumers need to be punished by the lemon laws so that they will stop doing business in that fashion.

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