Lemon Laws - What Is The Lemon Law?

What are lemon laws and how do they affect you? Lemons are cars that you buy that do not live up to the standards of performance and quality that the various states lay out. In order to protect consumers, each state has its own lemon laws and these laws can vary between the states.

There is also a federal lemon law that says that the person or company that sells you the car has to pay your attorney fees if you prevail in a lemon law suit against him. California lemon laws stipulate that anything mechanical is covered and that is what the federal lemon law says as well.

In addition to cars, there are state lemon laws for other things such as boats, motorcycles, computers, and wheelchairs. If you feel you were sold something that has does not live up to what was promised, you need to consult your state lemon laws and a lemon attorney to see if there is recourse.

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