New York State Lemon Laws

New York state lemon laws are to protect a consumer in case a dealer sells a "lemon" (a car that is unsafe, inefficient, or has defects) .The lemon laws of New York state require someone to allow a reasonable amount of repair attempts to be made to fix the defect. These laws are some of the most comprehensive in the country in that they apply to both new and used cars.

The New York state lemon law Statutes Consumer Law Center has been helping consumers resolve troubles with their defective vehicles over the past 10 years or so. New York residents have a possibility three lemon laws available to them when they purchase a defective car. The laws apply to vehicles that are covered by a manufacturer's warranty and which are sold or registered in New York, or which were transferred to New York within the first two years of ownership or 18,000 miles. In New York, you are covered by the lemon law if the vehicle has been in the repair shop for a specified number of days during the coverage period.

The New York lemon laws are provisions that give consumers teeth if they go to court against a car manufacturer or dealer. The New York lemon law is useful for protecting New York consumers.

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