Don't Be Intimitated By Your Car Dealer

Do you have a car, truck, SUV, or boat that has has had to go to the repair shop over and over? Have you been back to the dealer where you bought it to find out what they will do about it? You do have rights under both state lemon laws and federal lemon laws and you need to be aware of them.

First of all though, you need to not be intimidated by your dealer who sold you the vehicle. The dealer has a vested interest in trying to make you feel it is not his responsibility. Most dealers are very good salesmen who can talk circles around the normal customer. He might try to convince you that the vehicle was working when he sold it to you and it is no longer his problem. After all, he was the one who told you those cheap ATV tires on the vehicle were top of the line when they weren't. He might also out and out lie to you and tell you there is nothing he can do. He won't tell you about lemon laws and he won't help you figure out what your rights really are.

You may also get a bad feeling and advice from your repair shop too. They may not feel it is their responsibility to help you out and make you aware that you really have a lemon on your hands.
You may become frustrated and start thinking there really is nothing you can do and not realize that you do have rights. You can seek out a lemon law lawyer who can quickly determine whether you have a case under the law.

Lemon laws were put in place to protect the consumer from shady dealers and repair shops. Unfortunately, sometimes the people who you need to be protected from are going to try to hide them from you. Anyone who has ever bought a car knows that the dealer will put pressure on you and try to intimidate. It is up to you to know about your rights and the lemon laws because they will not tell you about them

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